One-on-One Transition Assistance

COMMIT meets you where you are in transition. Let us help you build a plan tailored to your individual needs.

We offer a highly individualized experience using proven techniques to explore, identify, and action your next steps.

A highly individualized approach with a highly experienced executive coach using techniques to engage, identify, and resolve specific needs of a transitioning veteran.

Specifically Designed and Highly Tailored Programs

Service members and veterans who participate in One-on-One Transition Assistance receive highly-individualized services throughout their transition. COMMIT uses a unique blend of customized and professional services refined over the course of a decade.


Military transition after 20 years of service is a lot. You immediately feel alone because the military command still has a mission which it’s continuing to move forward with and you have to create a new network. The COMMIT foundation help walk this path with you.

Shane MSgt USMC

When I left the military, I was unsure of how to translate the experiences I had accrued into something that civilian employers would understand. This program allowed me to communicate my worth to employers. This yielded a lot of opportunities that were formerly unavailable.


COMMIT has been great to help me think about what all I could do and really focus on figuring out what I want to do rather than what I can do. My coach did a great job helping build my confidence and explore the art of the possible.

Shannon Lt Col USAF

COMMIT focuses on quality over quantity through small touch, high impact work. After identifying your strengths and skills, begin focusing your career choices at the convergence of passion, expertise, and geography to capitalize on new opportunities.

Self Awareness and Strategic Exploration

COMMIT focuses on quality over quantity through high touch, high impact support. After identifying your values and strengths, COMMIT helps you find career opportunities at the convergence of passion, expertise, and geography.

Career Execution

COMMIT’s One-on-One assistance includes an array of services, deliberately implemented when appropriate to optimize your unique transition journey. Personalized support includes strengths assessment, values identification, executive coaching, resume assistance, interview preparation, scholarship assistance, and mentorship.

Assistance comes in various forms, including skills assessments, resume assistance, career or executive coaching, professional mentorship, and other professional development opportunities specific to you. COMMIT’s approach is built on individual needs, including both hard and soft skill personal development.

COMMIT aims to create serendipity for men and women who transition from the military to pursue a post-service life anchored by purpose and meaning.

We provide individualized services to meet the personal needs of everyone we serve.

Pursue Your Purpose

COMMIT’s online platform assists you in increasing self-awareness, defining your unique priorities, and articulating those in a message that is authentic to you.

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Executive Coaching

A thought-provoking, creative process designed to increase confidence, clarify direction, and insightfully design your way forward.

Transition Mentoring Workshops

Spend two days learning to tell your story, building synergy, and harnessing the power of mentorship.

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Networking Introductions

Leverage our robust network of alumni, mentors, and donors to navigate companies, sectors, and industries of interest.

Compensation Negotiations Support

Learn how to negotiate a complete compensation package that aligns with your values.

Resume Guidance

Work with our professional resume writers to frame professional documentation that reflects your experience and value proposition.

Digital Library

A video library with hundreds of short conversations highlighting subjects that veterans and Corporate America find most relevant to transition.

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Spouse Program

A first-of-its-kind program for spouses and partners to explore the life they would like for themselves and their family after leaving active-duty.

Applying to The COMMIT Foundation

  1. The COMMIT Application

    The application helps us understand where you are in your military to civilian transition. We ask that you be genuine and lean into the process. There are no right or wrong answers.

  2. Applications are reviewed for a selection of services

    Each application is carefully reviewed in consideration of program eligibility and alignment. COMMIT believes your perspective and trajectory can be informed by a few minutes of quality dialogue.

  3. Next Steps

    Our program is tailored to support individual needs and timelines. Building on what is shared in the applications, our transition team will schedule a call to better understand your needs and/or recommend partner organizations optimally postured to support your journey.

Apply to COMMIT

Let’s partner in building a plan tailored to your individual needs and timeline.