The COMMIT Foundation

COMMIT has proven its ability to build powerful tools, pipelines, and cultures that empower our Nation’s finest in their transition out of uniform.

The COMMIT Foundation aims to create serendipity for men and women separating from uniformed services and entering the professional civilian world.

The COMMIT Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization, fundamentally changing the way veterans approach their transition from the military to the civilian sector.


The COMMIT Foundation empowers service members, veterans, and their families through personalized programs, resources, and the support of our community to create purposeful and fulfilling transitions.

The objective of the COMMIT foundation is to connect veterans to a career and professional network that encourages them to expand their aperture and translate their cultivated professional skills to a meaningful career in the civilian sector.


The objective of The COMMIT Foundation is to connect service members and veterans to a professional network that encourages them to widen their apertures and translate their cultivated professional skills to a meaningful career in the civilian sector. Our programs uniquely expose service members and veterans to opportunities they may never seek out due to a lack of information or confidence.

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Quality over quantity through high touch, high impact methods

Our high touch, high impact approach is designed to create the greatest value for the people we serve. COMMIT helps service members and veterans identify and gain access to leaders in the industries about which they are passionate.

The Post 9-11 Veteran

Different from service members and veterans of past conflicts, the bulk of Post 9-11 service members and veterans willingly joined the military to serve. During the first decade of the Global War on Terror, the US deployed 2,333,972 military personnel to conflict zones around the globe—the bulk of service deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. Of that total, 57% were deployed more than once during that first decade and an equal percentage have separated from the military. The protracted state of conflict, numerous deployments and high expectations put on this group have forged a unique minority that has succeeded in the most adverse situations. This select group of service members offers civilian organizations characteristics uniquely developed through military experience, such as leadership, resilience, adaptability, problem solving, loyalty and commitment.

Why do we know this?

Because the COMMIT staff and Board of Directors are made up of a network of high value service members and veterans and their families. We know this group, because we are this group.

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